Access and download up-to-date iCon CRM project details and documents in seconds.


iCon Limits Your Efficiency

One of the greatest impediments for your CDM Team is working with iCon CRM. It is slow, complex, and difficult to use. Even the most experienced iCon CRM users waste vast amounts of time each week seeking info and documents they need to approve projects for customers.

The frustration of iCon CRM is not going away for awhile. And it will continue to slow down your team, cost you money, and hurt your chances at achieving your CDM targets.


Projects Fixes the Problems

Temagami Projects does everything that iCon CRM was supposed to do for your CDM Team. It’s fast, reliable, secure and will make your team FAR more efficient. Finding and downloading any uploaded project document, for your LDC or managed LDC, is almost instant. And it has features that will make your CDM Team far more effective as well.

View some of the features below and imagine how much better your team will function with the tools Temagami Projects provides.


Our Team Listens

As a result of feedback and insights from analysts, coordinators, managers, evaluators, OPA/IESO business and technical staff, and industry experts, we have made Temagami Projects the most effective tool available for all LDC CDM Teams in Ontario.

Work with us and we will work with you to add YOUR requested functionality to Temagami Projects to help you achieve your CDM targets. If you have any specific requests, please let us know. We are here to help.

Project Listing View

The project listing view allows your team to easily search and sort all of your LDC’s ERII projects in one simple to use screen. In addition to viewing your LDC’s projects, if your team manages another LDC, they will be able to see their projects as well.

There is not software required to use Temagami Projects other than a browser and your iCon login and password.

These are some of the features of the project listing view:

  • Advanced search on company name, app ID, project name, applicant, applicant rep, etc.
  • Filter by project status, LDC, project owner, evaluator, etc.
  • Sort by latest doc update, customer name, applicant rep, etc.
  • Show/Hide columns such as; start date, completion date, incentive total, kWh, cost, etc

Project Details View

The Temagami Projects detail view allows your team to view the project’s high level details and lists ALL submitted project documents. All documents can be downloaded individually or altogether in a single Zip file. Projects can also be assigned to internal users OR shared with external users such as evaluators from this screen.

More and more features are being added to Temagami Projects such as upload docs, change iCon status and customer account number which means your team will never have to use iCon again.

These are some of the features of the project details view:

  • Project info displays iCon status, submission date, building details, LDC account number, applicant details, and applicant rep details.
  • All project measure details (estimated and actual) are displayed.
  • All project milestones and dates are displayed.
  • iCon status and LDC account number can be updated in iCon CRM directly from Temagami Projects.
  • All project documents are listed and downloadable. ‘Download All’ will download all documents in a zip file.
  • Users (LDC AND external evaluators) can be assigned to each project.