Temagami is an enterprise-class ‘Software as a Service’

Our solutions reside within Microsoft’s Canadian Azure infrastructure which guarantees performance, availability, security and privacy.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Temagami Systems Inc. has made significant investment in our Microsoft Azure infrastructure to ensure that all services offered meet enterprise-class IT security, privacy, availability (99.9% uptime), and performance standards. For detailed technical info on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure:

Temagami Systems Inc. employs COMODO SSL – SHA-256 with RSA Encryption to ensure all interactions with our solutions are safely encrypted and protected.

All Temagami data and infrastructure reside within Canada in Microsoft’s Canadian Azure data centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Temagami Connect

Temagami Connect is a proprietary integration engine which allows for data synchronization with iCon CRM. An LDC’s iCon CRM credentials are required to ‘bridge’ a connection between Temagami and iCon CRM and synchronize all project data. The initial synchronization takes approximately 1 hour to complete with subsequent synchronizations occurring much faster.

Temagami Connect is the middle component between Docs, Dashboard and iCon CRM. But our powerful data integration engine can be integrated with Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example, allowing LDCs to directly integrate iCon CRM data into their back-office management tools.

Temagami Systems Inc. is ardently committed to protecting customer information and data. Both iCon CRM credentials and data are fully encrypted, private and secure within Microsoft enterprise infrastructure. Upon an LDC officer’s request, all data and credentials can be completely purged from Temagami Connect.

Integration Overview